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At New Ford we have selected French as the language we teach, in liaison with our local high schools.


At key stage 2, the national curriculum’s includes the characteristics of speaking, reading and writing

We provide opportunities for children to:

-speak in sentences, using familiar vocabulary, phrases and basic language structures.
-develop accurate pronunciation and intonation so that others understand when they are reading aloud or using familiar words and phrases.
-broaden their vocabulary and develop their ability to understand new words that are introduced into familiar written material.


Our French Languages curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before, and towards defined end points.


Our approach to teaching is to help children build up their  knowledge  and also retain their language skills through consolidation activities and games . In developing children’s  French vocabulary, we also provide pupils with a vocabulary mat which contains all words used for Foreign Language for their age group to support their learning.


Click below to see the Provision Map of skills and topics.