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Life Skills Group

Life Skills Education Group


Our group was formed in March, 2018. We are the Pioneers of this different and fun type of learning. There are six of us in this group, five adults support us.


Life Skills Education is different to the learning we do in the classroom because it takes place in the Community Room or outside when we are on trips.


We get together two afternoons each week and learn a lot of varied skills, each of which will help us when we are older, such as being independent when using public transport and feeling confident when using money.


So far, our life skills journey has involved planning so we can make informed choices, going to different types of shops (making sure we always get the correct change) and baking cakes and scones. We have also visited the library to research how to grow vegetables. The ones we are presently growing include: peas, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, chillies, lettuce, onions and strawberries.


We have experienced so much already! For many of us, taking the bus or going in a lift has been a first time experience. As part of being safe on our outings we have each now been awarded a ‘Green Cross Code’ Certificate and we know how to be safe in public because we have learnt about ‘stranger danger’. Our learning journey is helping us to be safe, confident and independent learners.


At the moment, we are planning an Afternoon Tea – Miss Ashley and Governors will be attending. We will be making sandwiches, baking cakes and scones for their enjoyment. We have been practising our baking skills so that we feel more confident on the day. Soon, we will planning the menu, filling in our shopping list before heading to Tesco to buy our items – we will be using ‘self-scanning’ to pay – this will be another first time experience for us!


In the weeks to come, our group will be going on a train to Stafford and having a day out on Beatrice, the barge. This is something we are really looking forward to!

Through the work we have done within Life Skills we already feel that our confidence and self-esteem has greatly improved and are looking forward to using the skills learnt as we move towards adulthood.


By Ben and Amaan

With support from Mrs Oakes and Mrs Dundas