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Peak Wildlife Park 17th April 2018

On Wednesday Year 2 went to Peak Wildlife Park. Jack Mould has written an account of the day:

We climbed into the big grey bus and we set off to Peak Wildlife Park. Next we climbed out of the coach and met a lovely man called Mark he gave us a safety talk about our fingers. Then we went to the Dik-Diks and I was astonished how gracefully they galloped in the warm sunshine. After we went to the Lemurs and a lady told us some facts about them. I was amazed how they could hold on to the rope with two feet. After that we met the penguins we watched them being fed and Tammy told us some more facts, I was astonished about how they dive into the water without making a splash. Then we had a lovely lunch and after we went to see the otters in their natural habitat. We saw the giant rabbits and they were all asleep. They looked so fluffy. After we all had a little play in the park. Finally, we got on the coach. I had an amazing day. By Jack Mould.