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Techology Gifts & Safety 16th December 2020



On Wednesday, the children had their half termly Online Safety assembly and this one had a Christmas twist. First we explored all the most popular Christmas presents throughout the decades. This ranged from Monopoly in the 1930's to the potential PS5 of 2020. We noticed that as years have developed so has technology and now most presents are technology related.


We looked at the dangers that this can have and we found that instructions don't always give us the most important advice. The children agreed it was important to know- how to deal with inappropriate content, contact and conduct online, how to leave a positive digital footprint and also how be a good digital citizen.


We shared a story about 'Smartie' the penguin who received a new tablet for Christmas.  Whilst playing, unexpected things happened on his tablet but he did the right thing throughout asking a grown up for help.


We all agreed that technology is exciting but it is essential that we must use it safely. 

Click on the document below to view our assembly materials