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Terrific Science 24th March 2017

Year 5 are taking part in the BBC Terrific Scientific Investigation - Time: Do I change when the clocks change?


You may be aware that our school is taking part in BBC's Terrific Scientific.  This is an exciting science project aimed at 9-11 year olds, encouraging them to take part in a series of accessible mass-participation investigations at schools across the UK.


The third investigation is planned around the topic of Earth, Space & Time.  This will be an interactive lesson to find out if the clock change affects reaction times and sleep patterns in children.


Children will be completing sleep diaries and recording their falling asleep and wake up times over the course of a week around the clocks changing.  They will also be carrying out reaction time tests before and after the clocks changing.  This investigation is in line with the curriculum and is designed to develop scientific skills.


Here are some of our reaction time photographs: