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Wow Days to Highlight

In Science we value and prioritise hands on learning. As part of this ethos we have specific Wow learning and enrichment activities. We have selected some of these to highlight below:


Wow Day/Enrichment: Y5 Science - Dissecting a Flower Wow Day


Year 5 had a Science ‘Wow’ session on 27th September 2021 linked to plants topic “living things and their habitats”.

What happened on our Wow Day

This week, Year 5 dived into the world of plant reproduction. On our Wow Day children observed and dissected lilies to truly identify the different parts of a flower and their role in plant reproduction. They then created a visually aesthetic, mobile display of our scientific exploration to show off our learning.


Take a look at us in action and our final mobile displays!



Skills we developed as part of this experience include Teamwork, observation skills and presentation skills.


We also made cross-curricular links with DT


We were also able to develop the School Values of independence and ambition!


This is what some of our children said about our wow learning: