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At New Ford we have an exciting and rich curriculum, to see what your child is learning about please browse the class pages & gallery section of our website.

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our academy.
Picture 1 Head Teacher: Miss S.Ashley
Picture 2 Deputy Head: Mrs M.Milner
Picture 3 Deputy Head: Miss E.Ford
Picture 1 Teacher: Mrs S.Bentley
Picture 2 Teacher: Miss L.Butler
Picture 3 Teacher: Miss H.Cooper
Picture 4 Teacher: Mrs C.Dodd
Picture 1 Teacher: Miss K.Giliker
Picture 2 Teacher: Miss L.Halfpenny
Picture 3 Teacher: Miss L.Jones
Picture 4 Teacher: Mrs L.Jones
Picture 1 Teacher: Mr B. Leighton
Picture 2 Teacher: Mrs E.Martin
Picture 3 Teacher: Mr M.McKay
Picture 4 Teacher: Mrs T.Moller
Picture 5 Teacher: Mrs J.Oakden
Picture 6 Teacher/SENCO: Mrs L.O'Grady
Picture 7 Teacher: Mrs J.Shufflebotham
Picture 8 Teacher: Miss S.Sinnett
Picture 9 Teacher: Mrs S.Rochester
Picture 10 Teacher: Miss T.Wood
Picture 11 Teacher: Mrs L.Wright
Picture 1 Classroom Assistant: Miss Z.Baggaley
Picture 2 Learning Support Practitioner: Miss A. Barley
Picture 3 Learning Support Asst.Manager: Mrs A.Blakemore
Picture 4 SEN Welfare Practitioner: Mrs K.Burton
Picture 5 Senior Teaching Assistant: Mrs S.Chivers
Picture 6 Teacher Support Assistant: Miss H.Coates
Picture 7 Learning Support Manager: Mrs J.Dale
Picture 1 Classroom Assistant: Miss K.Deakin
Picture 2 Classroom Assistant: Mrs A.Doherty
Picture 3 Senior Teaching Assistant: Mrs D.Eardley
Picture 4 Educational Associate: Mrs K.Hardy
Picture 5 Early Years Practitioner: Ms L.Kendrick
Picture 6 SEN Welfare Practitioner: Mrs E.Lancaster
Picture 7 Senior EYP: Miss A.Lovatt
Picture 8 Early Years Practitioner: Mrs L.McDonald
Picture 9 SEN Welfare Practitioner: Mrs A.McLean-Ash
Picture 10 Classroom Assistant: Miss V.Mayo
Picture 11 Classroom Assistant: Mrs R.Millington
Picture 12 Learning Support Practitioner: Mr P.Moffat
Picture 13 SEN Welfare Practitioner: Mrs A.Mottram
Picture 14 Senior Teaching Assistant: Miss A.J.Mountford
Picture 15 Teacher Support Assistant: Mrs.A.Mountford
Picture 16 SEN Welfare Practitioner: Mrs V.Oakes
Picture 17 SEN Welfare Practitioner: Mrs A.Platt
Picture 18 Classroom Assistant: Mrs C.Rimmer
Picture 19 Classroom Assistant: Mrs H.Smithson
Picture 20 SEN Welfare Practitioner: Ms.E.Sparkes
Picture 21 Teacher Support Assistant: Mrs N.Stubbs
Picture 22 SEN Welfare Practitioner: Mrs L.Tilstone
Picture 23 Educational Associate: Miss N.Tunstall
Picture 24 Classroom Assistant: Mrs T.Weaver
Picture 25 Classroom Assistant: Mrs E.Whitehurst
Picture 1 Business & Operations Manager: Mr P.Dale
Picture 2 Office Manager: Mrs E.Marlow
Picture 3 School Secretary: Mrs L.Pankhurst
Picture 4 Admin Assistant: Mrs T.Marlow
Picture 5 Learning Environment Coordinator: Ms A.Dilek
Picture 6 Home School Link Worker: Mrs M.Kelsall
Picture 7 Assistant Site Supervisor: Mr D.Bloor
Picture 8 Janitor: Mrs S.Burton
Picture 1 Supervisory Assistant: Mrs A.Anaraki
Picture 2 Supervisory Assistant: Mrs C.Baker
Picture 3 Supervisory Assistant: Mrs S.Barber
Picture 4 Breakfast Club Supervisor: Mrs J.Birks
Picture 5 Supervisory Assistant: Mrs A.Brown
Picture 6 Supervisory Assistant: Mrs E.Hibell
Picture 7 Supervisory Assistant: Mrs S.Hollis
Picture 8 Breakfast Club Supervisor: Mrs J.Moorhead
Picture 9 Supervisory Assistant: Mrs J.Stevenson
Picture 10 Supervisory Assistant: Mrs M.Williams
Picture 11 Supervisory Assistant: Miss M.Wragg
Picture 1 Care Club Leader: Mrs M.Kelsall
Picture 2 Care Club Assistant Leader: Mrs K.Burton
Picture 3 Care Club Worker: Mrs T.Weaver
Picture 4 Care Club Worker: Miss H.Coates
Picture 5 Care Club Worker: Miss R.Stanford