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School Values

New Ford Academy is special place where everyone is made to feel safe and valued. We want every child to develop a love of learning and be the best that they can be.


We are building a community where children: Respect themselves and other people; Think for themselves and make sensible decisions; Have they own voice and know that they are listened to equally; Have the confidence and skills to communicate with others; Know how to cope when things go wrong; Are part of the community with the school at the centre; Have a positive outlook for the future.


We achieve this through our key values of:



Ambition for the future is a key element of every child’s personal development. All children are encouraged to set achievable targets for their future goals. Children are given an insight into life beyond New Ford through visits to the high schools, universities and through our careers assemblies.



Our children are polite and respectful and consider other people’s thoughts and opinions. Through our ongoing work on the core British Value of Respect, children are demonstrating this value in all areas of school life. This is underpinned by our behaviour policy, code of conduct, classroom and school rules.



Our children our empathetic towards others. Our youngest children are taught the foundations of showing empathy through our PSHE learning, daily interactions and modelling from adults. They become sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others which is then developed and consistently modelled as they progress through the school.


Our children are supported to remain positive and know how to cope when things go wrong. Through our PSHE curriculum, there is a strong focus on building relationships and how to navigate their emotions. We ensure that children feel safe within their learning environment so feel comfortable to build upon mistakes made, in a positive way. Progress is celebrated as well as success.



Self-Belief is interlinked with Resilience, our children know that they have a safe environment in which they feel comfortable to set their own goals. We foster the core values of confidence and positivity, allowing our children to know that they can get better at things and that mistakes are an essential part of learning. Children are encouraged to constructively speak out and challenge things that they do not agree with or where they see unfairness.



From the Early Years, children are taught to become independent learners and take care of their own basic needs. Through the core British Value of Democracy, children are able to express their thoughts and opinions and make positive changes to school life.



Our children are taught the importance of being honest. They are shown the necessity for telling the truth and being reliable. Children are trusted to do the right thing, even if no one is around. Through our PSHE curriculum, children are shown how to identify when their dishonesty could have a negative impact on others.