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At New Ford we have an exciting and rich curriculum, to see what your child is learning about please browse the class pages & gallery section of our website.

School Clubs


Club Descriptions


Multi Sports (Yr3, Yr4 and Yr5): The children will take part in a variety of different sports, which will improve their sporting skills and self-confidence. (Warm outdoor PE kit will be needed)


Drama Club (Yr3, Yr4, Yr5 and Yr6): The children will take part in a variety of activities to improve both their drama skills and their self-confidence.


Puzzle Club (Yr4, Yr5 and Yr6): The puzzle club will give children the opportunity to solve a variety of puzzles for example Sudoku, word searches, crosswords and quizzes etc.


Book Club (Yr3, Yr4, Yr5 and Yr6): This club will give the children the opportunity to explore a range of exciting books.


Sewing Club (Yr3, Yr4, Yr5 and Yr6): The children will have the opportunity to develop their knitting and sewing skills.


New Ford Choir ((Yr3, Yr4, Yr5 and Yr6): The children will get the opportunity to practice and improve their singing skills in fun and interesting ways.


My Maths & Time Table Club (Yr3 and Yr4): The children will use Maths rocks to learn/remember timetables. They will use My Maths to consolidate learning from lessons and explore maths games.


Story Writing Club (Yr5 and Yr6): The children will each have their own exercise book, using their imagination they will create weekly stories based on their characters, settings and problems.


Mini Professors Club (Yr1 and Yr2): A science based club full of lots of weird and wonderful experiments!


Craft Club (Yr1 and Yr2): The children will enjoy making and creating using various art materials.


High five’s Netball Club (Yr5 and 6): The children will practice and improve their netball skills and may even get the opportunity to play as part of a team in competitions with other schools. (PE Kit will be needed)