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Ambition Within


Here at New Ford, we also want to develop increased awareness and opportunities to support future ambition within Personal Development in a number of different ways in addition to Careers.



This includes viewing ambition as setting personal smaller scale goals in terms of their academic achievements but also short term aspirations such as learning a new skills  inside and outside school e.g. to speak another language, learn to play an instrument, raising money for a charity close to their heart etc.



We see extra curricular clubs as making an important contribution to this so that alongside enriching our children's experiences they also expose them to new things and broaden their horizons.



So at the beginning of the academic year all children are asked, as part of their Personal Development Record, to set a goal for the forthcoming year.


This links to our school value of ‘ambition’ . We encourage the children to think about realistic and achievable goals,  that are personal to them. These goals are also likely to enable the child to demonstrate perseverance and resilience in order to reach them and  link with our school values too.


Their Personal Development goals can be both academic and personal goals for example; I would like to be able to learn my 3 times tables, I would like to be able to learn to ride my bike without stabilisers, or I would like to begin to learn to play the violin.


The children review their Personal Development records each term and can comment upon how well they think they are on track to achieve their goal.


Any extra support from adults in school or at home that may be required to help the children achieve their goal will also be identified.


It is hoped that these types of small scale goals will give the children the confidence to aspire to pursue their desired path of learning in higher education or indeed their future dream job.