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Assembly - Music Service 26th & 28th June 2017

On Tuesday Mr Ward and our resident guitarists gave us all a super treat in assembly playing a number of songs. Mr Ward explained all about the guitar to the children and chose some challenging pieces for the group to play. All the guitarists showed our school values of ambition and self-belief, playing Michael Jackson’s Beat it, Ghostbusters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queen’s ‘We are the Champions’ to the impressed audience. Well done to all our brilliant guitarists and a big thank you to Richard Ward, their teacher.

On Wednesday the children were treated to another musical delight as our resident violinists performed during assembly. All the violinists played two group numbers, Anna Lou and an Irish Fiddle Tune, then we were treated to several duets and solos. The pieces covered a wide range of musical genres from The Muppet Theme Tune to Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’. Some of our performers played pieces for their upcoming Grade 1 examinations. Very well done to all our fantastic violinists and a big thank you to Mel Shore, their teacher.