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Cadbury World Visit 22nd January 2020

On Wednesday 22nd January. Y5 went to Cadbury World. Firstly we went into the exhibition and learnt how coco beans were developed. We also went into a room where it told us how and why they used coco beans. Then we went upstairs and wrote our names in chocolate and they showed us how to temper chocolate. After we went on Cadabra (the ride), we each had a pot of melted chocolate and we could choose 2 toppings. While we were eating the chocolate, we saw how people were decorating and making chocolate ornaments. Then we went outside to eat lunch. After lunch, we went inside a room where we learnt more about the Mayans.
Some facts we learnt:

· 1 coco bean = 5 long chillies

· Chac (god of rain) lived in the Sacred Cenote

· Before humans, the gods made animals but the animals couldn't worship the gods.