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City Catering Junior Chef of the year 2017

City Catering Junior Chef of the year 2017 - Monday 20th March 2017


Sam Forrester has written an excellent account of his day at Foxes Bank Farm:


Sam Ashton and I, along with Mrs Millington, Sam's mum and my Grandad left school in a taxi to go to Foxes Bank Farm.  We went there to take part in the City Catering Junior Chef of the year 2017.   In the morning Sam Ashton did his cooking and I made a herb box.  What I did was built a box from cut pieces of wood, filled it with compost, decorated it with different coloured paints and then planted it with 1 pansy and 6 herbs.


In the afternoon Sam Ashton did his herb box and I did my cooking.  I made sausage plait.  Unfortunately neither of us got through as winners of our groups, but we had a great day representing our school.  I don't mind that I didn't win but it's all about taking part.


By Sam Forrester, Class KD


Here are some photographs for you to see!

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