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Class TW Achievements June 2022

5TW have had some busy pupils during the last couple of weeks:


Alex West:  

Alex represented Stoke City under 10s at a competition in Switzerland over half-term, where they finished eighth out of 40 teams. They were up against football teams from all throughout Europe in this competition.

A huge congratulations to Alex and his team—a fantastic effort and accomplishment at such a young age!


Skye Ralphson:

Skye wrote a song at home after our most recent PSHE day to encourage her friends:


 "Be Your Best You"

 Be you best you, come on you can do anything you put your mind to.

Believe me I have been through life too.

You can be your best you; I believe in you.

You can do lots of things, for example you could be a-




there's more to go, more to go.

You could save the world if you be your best you.


be your best you,

be your best you,

be your best you.


The class found the song very inspirational and it was a beautiful display of encouraging our school values empathy and self- belief. Well done, Skye! 


Sophie Mould:

Last week, Sophie gave an excellent performance at the Regent Theatre in her dance show "Revival." Her dedication and passion shined through in each of the 13 dances she performed, which included ballet, street, modern, tap, and disco, to mention a few.

Sophie, we are really proud of your accomplishments!