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Does the UK make refugees feel welcome?

This week’s Wednesday assembly looked at ideas connected with showing respect and compassion to others. This links with our school values of empathy and British Values of respect and tolerance and is part of Compassion in Action Awareness Week. We also looked briefly at items in the news as usual and some current events to develop our children’s general knowledge of what is happening in the world around them.


We thought about how our words and actions can send messages about how we can be welcoming to others, such as refugees and other ways of showing compassion in our day to day lives at school and home. We thought about what our school does to help us treat others fairly and how finding out about other cultures and cultivating our skills in showing respect have such an important place in our world Today.







Our children then voted to share their views on these questions.


This is how children voted Nationally:


Why not continue the discussion at home: