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Environment & Eco Warriors


We have regular ideas in our newsletter that link to the environment and practical things that we can do or get involved with linked to the environment and being more eco-friendly.


Here are some highlights below that you can join in with to make a positive contribution.



On the 22nd of April, we celebrated World Earth Day in school and just like the famous activists Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough, we would like to continue to change the way we do things in school to help us to become more eco-friendly. 


We would like your help and ideas as to how we could become more eco- friendly in school.


Could we recycle more? How can we help to save electricity?

How can we help to save the bees? Could we grow our own vegetables?


Send in your ideas and our Environment team will look at how we can make some of them happen!



Here at New Ford Academy, we like to promote a love of reading.

Below are 2 books that we think you might like all about our planet.


Eco DT Challenge


Why not create your own wormery? A wormery is a great way to make observations over time and learn about earthworms, which are actually very useful animals.



World Bee Day.


On the 20th of May it was world bee day. This day aims to spread awareness of the significance of bees.


So why are bees so important?

A third of the world's food production depends on bees. Bees pollinate 75% of leading global crops, including, apples, soft fruits, beans and courgettes, as well as things like tomatoes and strawberries.

Bees also help to reduce pollution.


So what can we do to help save the bees?

One way that you can help to save the bees is to plant flowers that bees love. Planting these flowers will encourage pollination.  Another great way to support bees is by enticing them into your garden, and a bee house is the perfect way to do this. It works by providing bees with a space to seek refuge. Fix the bee box in a south-facing spot, but not in direct sunlight, and make sure the entrance points downwards so rain doesn’t get in.


Art Challenge


The great outdoors is full of a variety of different leaves. Why not take a trip outside and collect a range of these leave to help you to create a leave collage?


How many different leaves can you find?

Hat colour leaves have you collected? Would the colour of these leave be different in the autumn?


Why not try and identify these leaves?


Use this useful like to help you to identify the different leaves that you my collect 


Don’t forget to send us a picture of your collage using your class email!