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Florence Nightingale Wow Day Class TW 30th March 2021


To end our unit on Florence Nightingale with a bang, we held a WOW day with lots of hands on activities to consolidate and apply all of our learning so far.


What happened on our Wow Day

We had a Wow day on Tuesday 30th March 2021, we explored how much Florence Nightingale loved animals and watched a video of at ‘Jimmy the Tortoise’. The children then invented, designed and named their own ward pet.

We had breaking new about Florence Nightingale’s Lantern being on show at a museum exhibition. We looked at the common error that people sometimes make when drawing or painting the Lantern Florence used. The children then created their very own Turkish ‘Fanoos’ Lamp.

We then had a Zoom call with a real life Nurse and had the chance to learn about his responsibilities, see some of the equipment used and ask our own questions.

Finally, we created a flashback and flash-forward hospital scene in each of the Year 1 classrooms. The children all got into character and played a role in showing how a ward pre-Florence and post-Florence would have looked and felt like as a soldier and as a visitor. Miss Ford was very impressed!

At the end of the day we played the yes and no game outside, we had to run to the correct side of the playground to show our answer to each of the statements about Florence Nightingale to show our understanding.


Skills we developed as part of this experience include drama and D&T skills.


We made cross-curricular links with D&T, drama and PSHE.


We were also able to develop children’s ‘self belief’ focusing on our school values.