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28/6/22 Bonus Session. The final Poppies group had their bonus session. We played our warm up game and went to free-play. This week we used a plant called Clevers to make a woodland crown.

21/6/22 Bonus Session. The Poppies played a warmup game and then we went to the free-play activities. The children enjoyed exploring the differences in the area from their last visit when it was much colder.

14/6/22 Bonus session. The Remaining Daisies had their bonus session of Forest School. After our warm up game, the children enjoyed exploring the summer foliage or working together to conquer the slack line!

7/6/2022 - Bonus session. Some of the Daisies took park in their booster Forest School session. After our warmup game, we went straight into the child-led learning.

24/5/22 Journey Sticks. We had a lovely session noticing the changes in flora as we took a journey around the woodland area. We strapped items to the stick and told the other group what we’d seen on our journey.

17/5/22 Natural Paintbrushes Recently, we have been learning about and looking closely at flowers. Focusing on the sunflower, we found and chose natural items in the woodland and turned them into a paintbrush - then we created our beautiful big sunflower picture!