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8-5-24 Dandelion Clocks In the previous week, we'd talked about the wild flowers growing in the grounds. Lots of the dandelions had changed from the yellow flowers we first saw, to seed heads. We had lots of fun blowing them! We then went to our free play activities - there was just enough breeze for our DIY kites too.

24-4-24 Bark Rubbing We took advantage of a dry, bright day, and did some bark rubbing. We observed the bark patterns on different tree types. Some were rough, some smooth, some had ribs and others were dotty! We also wrapped our arms around the trees to get up close to nature.

17-4-24 Plant identification It was the first session for this group so we began by identifying any plants that could spoil our session. We looked at nettles and brambles, talking about what their features are, and how they scratch or sting to protect themselves.

10-4-2024 Rainy Day Fun Yet another wet day! This time, a little too wet to go to the wooded area, so, we explored our reception area. We looked at how the heavy rain had flooded some of the ground and had great fun wading through it in our wellies! We made sure we had plenty of time to get back indoors and changed into our dry clothes. Thank you parents for proving your child with spares - it means we can thoroughly enjoy the conditions.

13-3-24 Little Pig's Den - our stick den was looking like it needed a bit attention so we re-built it in the style of the Three Little Pigs!

5-3-2024 Bridge Building We took inspiration from our weekly story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and made a bridge. We carried over a selection of construction materials and used objects from the woodland to create a bridge strong enough to walk across. Then we were able to pretend to be characters from the story. We were also blessed with a beautiful, sunny March day!

27-2-2024 - Woodland vocab We had two focus words and hunted for natural objects in the forest school area that matched that description.

20-2-2024 - Forest School Agreement and Plant Identification - we began our first session with the first group of Daisies by setting out our Forest School agreement. We also ensured our future sessions are safer by identifying nettles and brambles.