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Forest Schools January to March 2020

Week 1 Forest School Agreement and Kites - The children had a quick identification lesson as we tried to locate some of the plants to avoid. Then, another windy day so the DIY kites were out!

Week 2 - Tree Rubbings - We were blessed with a lovely dry day so we were able to use paper and get some super tree rubbings. Children used their observation skills to look for variations in the bark patterns.

Week 3 - Den Building - Storm Ciara hadn’t been very kind to our stick den, so, we built a new one! We talked about where would be a better location so that it wouldn’t be so exposed to the elements, and hopefully, last a bit longer.

Week 4 - Enjoying the Rain - Definitely the wettest Forest School day so far this year. But, we didn’t let it dampen our spirits: We enjoyed it! Lots of fun to be had splashing and jumping in puddles.