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Healthy Eating

Academy Lunches


Our cook Wendy and her team, work for City Catering to provide a healthy and balanced diet for the children so whether they are in EYFS, KS1 or KS2 a nutritious & tasty lunch can be had by all.


We also invite parent to accompany their children for lunch which, not only cements the relationship between school and home, but also provides the opportunity for parents to see what the children are eating at school and inspire them to recreate some of the dishes at home.

Wendy also organises themed lunches linked to different events throughout the year to encourage the children to try a range of foods.

Cooking Club
One of the extra curricular activities which we offer is a cooking club where children are invited to attend along with their parents.

The children prepare a delicious meal to share and then they are provided with the recipe to take home and create in the future.