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Is it important to fit in? (Anti-Bullying Week)




Here are the results from the children who were in school Today in

order to vote in response to the live Zoom assembly:



Our KS2 children who were engaged in remote learning last week, also had the opportunity to vote on this important anti-bullying topic too. Their results were Yes 12% and 88% No, with the vast majority feeling it was less important to fit in and more important to be true to themselves.


The National Results will be collated and published in two weeks.


Here is some more information about this topic :


Other Ideas & Resources

If you would like to share a text as part of your discussions about Anti-bullying then these 2 books are a good choice:

Tyrannosaurus Drip,  a little peace-loving vegetarian dinosaur, never fits in with his adopted family of fierce Tyrannosauruses. After putting up with lots of bullying from the other dinosaurs, Drip runs away to find a place where he really belongs and soon he finds the inspiration to stand up to the bullies.

Elmer the Elephant knows what it feels like to be different! When Elmer notices that there are suddenly no birds around anymore, he begins to wonder what is happening. When he finds them in a cave hiding from a fierce bully, Elmer sets about to help the birds stand up to the bullying.


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