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At New Ford Academy our pupils’ Geographical journey of enquiry begins within the Early Years. Children in Nursery and Reception are encouraged to explore our immediate local area and discuss the similarities and differences in the natural world and cultures and traditions. Children in Reception also take part in Forest Schools each week with our qualified Forest Schools leader. These sessions develop their love for the outdoors, respect and care for the environment and much more.


This fledgling geographical education is built upon year on year. In Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils have dedicated Geography lessons, in addition to geographical skills being practised within other subjects.


Lessons are carefully planned for and sequenced so that children can develop their geographical knowledge and skills. We refer to the final outcomes of these lessons as ‘ sticky knowledge’ and we expect our children to continue to refer back to this knowledge. For example a child in year 5 may be asked to recall ‘ sticky knowledge’ they learnt in year 2 in order to retain these key skills and information.


Finally, we encourage pupil's to make connections and develop their questioning skills so they can really begin to think like a geographer. E.g. Why do people still live next to a volcano? Why don’t they leave?

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