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KS1 Do you know how to act in a shop? KS2 Could more be done to keep shop workers safe?

This week’s Wednesday assembly looked at how we use shops and respecting people in jobs that are there to help us in the community. We also took a brief look at items in the news as usual and some current events.


We thought about which skills & values are they building for the future. We referenced leadership, teamwork, problem solving, listening, speaking, creativity, staying positive and aiming high and made links with future aspirations and careers.


We also discussed different ways we could show the value of respect when we are in school but also when we are out and about in the community. Our KS2 children thought about some wider issues connected with shopping as part of preventing crime or wrong attitudes, as part of their follow up discussions.







Our children then voted to share their views on these questions:


Here is how our children voted:


Here is how children voted Nationally:


Feel free to continue the conversation at home: