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Learning in Action

We place a huge importance on creating experiences for children during music lessons. Children are exposed to a variety of skills including listening, composing, playing and performing which are built on and developed in each year group.


Below are examples of how music lessons are taking place across the school.

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th July 2023, children performed in a concert to their parents' and carers'. The children were all amazing!

On Tuesday 21st March 2023, Year 3 travelled to the Victoria Hall in Hanley to take part in Recorder Fest.  Over the course of this term, we had been tasked with learning 11 whole songs on our recorders to perform in a big show in Hanley.  Parents and schools were in attendance to watch us and over 750 other children perform with professional musicians on the big stage.  The children were absolutely amazing, they performed the songs flawlessly, their behaviour was impeccable, and they made our school and our community extremely proud.  We all had such a fantastic experience learning to play the recorder and an even better one playing live for a huge audience and can’t wait to do so again.