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Mini Medic's Training 19th December 2018

On Wednesday morning, a man called Michael taught us Mini Medics. Before we started, he split us into groups. First he went through a power point and we learned the different skills as we went along. Next he got out the mannequins and we practiced CPR. We learnt that for a baby you use two fingers, for a child its one hand and for an adult it’s two hands. Then, we learnt how to use a defibrillator. After that, we learnt to help someone when they’re choking and we had a chat about the different inhalers that are used to help with asthma. Finally, we used bandages in different ways depending on what type of injury.

After that we found out that once you’ve done CPR you would need to put them in the recovery position so that if they vomit it doesn’t go back down, it comes out.

By Abbie and Nikol