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Other Reading Opportunties

Children in EYFS hear an adult reading aloud to them, or sharing a book at least once a day, but often this takes place more than once a day.


To promote a love of reading, children have a weekly visit from a ‘Secret Storyteller’, who may be a parent, grandparent, or a member of staff who surprises the children and comes in to read them a story.


New Ford makes use of other outside agencies in the community including Stoke-Speaks-Out to support parent/child workshops linked to communication, language and reading, and loaning classroom topic resource boxes. 



Children also access library services, through the ‘Bookstart’ and ‘Time to Read’ initiatives.  All children are given a library card and high quality picture books.


Within New Ford, children in EYFS can visit our library in small groups to look at, and borrow books to read for pleasure.