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Other Reading Opportunties

In Upper Key Stage 2, children do not read individually with an adult for a set number of times, however, there are a number of opportunities which enable the children to read with adults and their peers. 


If they require further work on reading fluency children will take part in a weekly fluency group which is led by an adult.  This provides the children with an additional opportunity to read aloud and to build up their reading stamina.


Year 5 & Year 6 children can access the Library on Mondays and Fridays. A group of Year 6 children also volunteer as our school Librarians, helping children read and explore books in the library at lunchtimes.



Independent Reading Sessions and Book Talk


‘Book Talk’ sessions take place fortnightly. During these sessions, children share books with each other, discuss what they like or dislike about a text and make recommendations.


Independent reading sessions take place at least once a week when children can simply enjoy getting lost in a book!