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Children in the EYFS follow the synthetic phonics approach, using the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme.  It is an approach to teaching phonics in which sounds, (phonemes) made by individual letters or a combination of letters (graphemes), are blended and segmented to form words.


Children in the EYFS also use ‘Jolly Phonics’ actions to support their learning of the different sounds. Children in EYFS receive daily phonics sessions lasting from 15-20 minutes.


Our daily phonics sessions across EYFS are fun, involving lots of speaking, listening and games. The emphasis is on children’s active participation and interactive teaching. They learn to use their phonic knowledge for reading and writing activities and in their independent play in the continuous provision.


Parents are informed about supporting their child’s learning at home, including detail about the academy’s method of teaching phonics and reading, and how to help their children learn to read.  This is delivered through ‘Phonics Stay and Play’ sessions in the Nursery and ‘Watch me Learn’ sessions in Reception.


We have a detailed phonics pack for parents that they can access on our school website, or they can also have the option to receive a paper copy.