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Playground Leaders

We have a dedicated team of volunteer children who are trained to be playground leaders at lunch times.


Playground leaders support children who can choose to sit on a buddy bench as well as organise games with the younger children alongside and in addition to our lunch time supervisors.



Through carrying out this specific role and responsibilities Playground Leaders can positively contribute to the school community now and also develop their leadership skills which will also sow into their future. Indeed one of the key aims of the Playground Leaders Programme we use is to introduce and develop leadership skills in Year 5 and Year 6 children by training them up and getting them to organise activities for other children in the playground. 


Our volunteers wear a special sash, so children can easily spot them on the yard and approach them to join a game.



This year our team of playground leaders our 2019-20 team includes:


Ava, Frankie, Alanna, Owen, Brooke, Semyan, Liam, Abbie, Maddison, Joshua, Jessica, Shiloh, Ruby, Bayley, Maia, Marc, Kaseigh, Yousef, Darcey, Mitchell, Tina, Isobelle, Jacob, Lily, Shayla, Izaak & Daniella.