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Police Cadet Programme May 2018

Cohen, Ben, Tyler, Jessica, Lucy, Finley, Geofrie, Holly and Jack have taken part in a Police Cadets after school club over the past 6 weeks. The children have written an account of their time in the club.


Police cadets is a fun, exciting place where we learn what it takes to become a Police Officer and how to keep safe. On the first week, we were taught many things including our Police Cadet promise (which real police officers do), the phonetical alphabet, our call signs and how to use a radio. On week two, we learned about the importance of road safety and the dangers of parking on the zig-zag lines. We made posters to put on the New Ford gates telling people not to park on the zig -zag lines. The next week we learned about security and making sure things are locked. We talked about a few items to stop criminals and we ordered some of the items form the list. the week after we did a crime scene. Holly was the Scene of Crime Officer. Tyler was the person who signed people in and out of the crime scene. On the last week, we learned about anti-social behaviour and we made our own role plays that include different elements of anti-social behaviour.

      By The Police Cadets.