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Potters Wow Day 8th December 2020



We had a wow day on the 8th December in Year 1 as part of our history topic on Josiah Wedgwood


What happened on our Wow Day


On our Wow Day children came dressed in their own clothes ready to get messy! We started our afternoon by having oatcakes for lunch. We then delved into the wonderful world of Wedgwood, recapped the interesting facts we know about him and watched some clips of how pottery was made and designed then and now. We then had a go at making a clay pot/ mug, and then designing a pattern to put on our clay pot/ mug.

Skills we developed as part of this experience include: to identify and talk about a significant person who lives close to them and to know how to make a clay pot. To use the technique of coiling.


We made cross-curricular links with: Art, D&T.


We were also able to develop the School &/or British Values of: Independence and resilience.