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Reading at Home

In order to become a successful, fluent reader it is important that children have the opportunity to read both independently and aloud as often as possible.


Through our ‘Rising Stars’ reading scheme and the reading roles that we encourage our children to use, we aim to enhance children’s reading experience and help them to become successful readers who are both confident and fluent. For further information about this scheme and reading roles, please see the ‘Reading roles with your child’ section of the website.


Children are assigned a book carefully that is matched to their reading ability which they keep for a given time. During this time, children are expected to complete the text and perform each of the reading roles. All pupils have access to electronic versions of the books and a variety of comprehension questions and quizzes. Children have a reading diary which is part of the communication between home and school.


All reading at home is recorded in the diary and a fluency score for reading is also required. If it is that children do not have the opportunity to read at home, they can read with an adult as part of a reading club.


More than anything, we want the children to develop a love of reading.