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YEAR 6 - SPELLINGS  (AUTUMN 2020/21)                    
WEEK 1 (11th Sept 2020) WEEK 3 (25th Sept 2020)   WEEK 5 (9th Oct 2020) WEEK 7 (23rd Oct 2020)   Week 9 (13th Nov 2020)
Unstressed vowels   Suffixes and prefixes   Other words   Other words     Double consonants  
accommodate   according     amateur     queue     accommodate  
bruise     attached     average     recognise     accompany    
category     critic     awkward     relevant     according    
cemetery     criticise     bargain     restaurant     aggressive    
definite     determined     controversy   rhyme     apparent    
desperate     equip     curiosity     rhythm     appreciate    
dictionary     equipment     develop     shoulder     attached    
embarrass     equipped     forty     signature     committee    
environment   especially     guarantee     stomach     communicate  
exaggerate   frequently     harass     temperature     community    
marvellous     immediate     hindrance     twelfth     correspond  
nuisance     immediately     identity     vehicle     immediate    
            individual     yacht          
WEEK 2 (18th Sept 2020) WEEK 4 (2nd Oct 2020)   WEEK 6 (16th Oct 2020) WEEK 8 (6th Nov 2020)   WEEK 10 (20th Nov 2020)
Unstressed vowels   Suffixes and prefixes   Other words   -le words     Double consonants  
parliament     necessary     interrupt     available     occupy    
privilege     unnecessary     language     vegetable     occur    
secretary     sincere     leisure     vehicle     opportunity  
vegetable     sincerely     lightning     muscle     recommend    
Unstressed consonants   I' before 'e' except    muscle     words originating from   suggest    
government   after 'c' when the sound is 'ee' neighbour     other countries   'c' makes 's' sound before
Word families   achieve     persuade     conscience      'i', 'e' and 'y'  
familiar     convenience     programme     conscious     cemetery    
identity     mischievous     ie are adjacent   desperate     convenience  
signature      -tion words     soldier     yacht     criticise    
      competition     sufficient     -ous words     excellent    
y' makes the 'I' as   explanation     variety     disastrous     existence    
in bin sound   profession     ancient     marvellous     hindrance    
physical     pronunciation     foreign (exception   mischievous     necessary    
symbol      -ough letter strings   to the pattern)   Cross-curricular words   prejudice    
system     thorough           forty     sacrifice