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Stoke Food Bank


Here at New Ford we support the local Food Bank by collecting food donations as part of our celebration of Harvest.




In 2019 we achieved our biggest donation so far in 2019 of 203 KG as part of our Harvest Festival Celebration.


For our Harvest Appeal in 2020 we want to support the Food Bank once again, but we will be doing things a little different this year.


As we are currently keeping items that come into school to a minimum in line with our Covid Safety Measures, this year we will not be bringing our food donations into school. Those who wish to take part can instead donate direct at their supermarket or a local collection point.



Morrison's, Tesco and Sainsbury's for example have donation points easily accessible by the doors . Morrison's have also got bags made up for just over a £1 to help people to donate more easily.



The children will be having a Giving and Harvest themed assembly on Wednesday 7th October and be encouraged if possible to make a donation to the Stoke Food Bank as an opportunity to make a positive contribution to others.


Children will receive team points for making their donations if they let their teacher know they have taken part and this act of generosity can be recorded in their Personal Development Folders in school.


Finally a big thank you in advance to all of you who do take part  in our harvest  appeal this year.


Here are some of the Thank You certificates to show how much we have collected.