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Visit to Pools Cavern 12th October 2021


Over the last few weeks, Year 3 have been learning about the Stone Age as part of their History curriculum and they took a visit to Poole’s Cavern on Tuesday 12th October.

What happened on our visit to Poole’s Cavern?

Children took part in a range of activities linked to the Stone Age included diving deep into a Stone Age cave and visiting a Neolithic temple. Children learnt all sorts of information including who lived there, what type of rock the cave was made from and all about stalagmites and stalactites that could be found in all areas of the cave.

Skills we developed as part of this experience included team work, problem solving and resilience.


We made cross-curricular links with History, Science and Literacy.


We were also able to develop the School & British Values of ambition, respect & resilience.