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Visit to Warwick Castle 12th November 2018

On Monday 12th November all of the year 5 children visited Warwick castle and this helped with our learning about 'King Arthur'.  When we got off the coach, we went through a forest towards the entrance of Warwick Castle.  After we split into groups, we went into the great hall which had lots of information about different centuries.  Next we went back towards the entrance by the Horrible Histories Maze.  In the maze, we had a time passport to find the stamps in the centuries like the frightfull first world war.  After that we walked to the time tower where we watched 3 videos to see how Warwick Castle has evolved in time.  We went to watch a birds of prey show.  In the birds of prey show a man told us lots of amazing facts about birds.  Finally, we went on top of the tallest tower at Warwick Castle.  We had an amazing day! 



Sam and Isabelle