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Whole School Assemblies

  • Mondays we have whole school assemblies that link with Stories & Values and focus on Social,  Moral, Emotional and Cultural aspects.   


Historically we have also had visiting speakers such as people speaking about real life testimonies that link to school  & British Values such as career ambition, and resilience in learning new skills.


  • Wednesdays we have whole School Assemblies (currently via zoom) that pick themes related to SMSC, PSHE, British values, School Values, themed weeks and Religious Festivals. We also include aspects of 'Votes for Schools' Programme.  


We also have key stage assemblies that look at and promote Computing & Internet safety led by our ICT leads.


Historically we have also had visiting speakers including Father Andrew and representatives from the stoke Food Bank that celebrate community links.



  • Fridays we have Whole School Assemblies (currently via zoom) to celebrate achievements, promote school values as part of wider Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural development.