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Animal Charities

In 2023, our school council decided that they wanted to raise money for a child choice charity.


They organised a survey and a whole school vote on which type of charity the children would like to support and raise money for. The most popular was animals.


Our school council then shortlisted three animal charities for the school to chose from.

Local – Dogs home

National - RSPCA

Worldwide -WWF


We had our 1st Charity assembly looking at a local dog homes and the important work of the international WWF Charity, watching videos about their Impact. We learned about the work these charities do and their impact.


We also had a 2nd Charity assembly, exploring the work of the RSPCA. We had a special visitor from the North Staffs RSPCA, Peter Allen with their mascot dog Rosie – a beautiful black Labrador cross. We learned all about the history and important work of this charity too and the impact they have in our local area.


Our staff and children loved meeting Rosie and was a highlight to the week for many.


Our children then voted to share their views on which charity they wanted to support with some of the funds raised from our Autumn disco. These were the results:


Our charity disco raised £240 in ticket sales. The school council had a discussion about what to do next.


They decided to give £200 to RSPCA as the winning charity (which also rehomes dogs and other animals as part of its work)


They decided to give £40 to WWF in acknowledgement of them receiving support from a fifth of the school.  The school council voted to choose which animal to adopt and chose a snow leopard.


Here are the certificates to say thank you from the charities.


Click on the attachments below to view our certificates

As part of our Environmental Day we raised money to sponsor a Turtle & a Dolphin.

For more information about our Environmental Day follow the link below.