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Animal Club

On Wednesday 19th June animal club had a special visit from Sharon and Gyles at Baddley Green hedgehog rescue!

We learnt lots of facts about hedgehogs including: what they like to eat; they are nocturnal; how they protect themselves; and what to do if we see a hedgehog in the day time.

We were able to meet the hedgehog named Basculin who lives at the rescue centre now. He only has three legs as he was involved in an accident in a garden.

We also had a surprise visitor- Myrtle the tortoise! She is 50 years old and can live until she is 140!

The children were able to very gently stroke her shell and were very respectful of her. 

Thank you to our  school PTA and our parents and carers , who donated money and cat food to the hedgehog rescue centre.

If you would like to find out more information about the rescue centre, please follow the link below.

This week at animal club, we met Mickey the hamster! He was very lovely and we all enjoyed watching him store his food in his cheeks, running around in his ball and burrowing in his bed. For lots of us it was the first time we had seen a hamster, and we were also able to stroke him. Thank you very much to Miss Laima for bringing him to visit us!

This club is ran for our reception age children by Mrs Dodd and Mrs Shea.

The children talk about their favourite animals and learn how to respect and care for them.

We are very lucky to also have animal visitors to our club!

Have a look at our photos below to see which animals have been to visit us at school.