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How to use the Library

Children can borrow books at lunchtimes from the library and librarians are there to help and support in what ever way they are needed.


At the moment children can borrow one fiction book at a time whilst we continue to boost our numbers of books. There is no time limit as such on this loan, as children will take different amounts of time to read through a book. When they return the book they are free to borrow another fiction book.


Non fiction books are also available for children to borrow one at a time in addition to their fiction choices.


We have posters in the library to explain how to borrow books so that the older children can be independent and books can be signed out in group sessions using the library as part of curriculum time too. 



When we first launched our library, we did so with a group of 150 children from across the school, whom we particularly wanted to encourage with their reading.  There feedback was invaluable and now all children in school have access to the library to borrow the books and we have invested in multiple copies of our most popular authors and box sets. All can access every author & boxset from our broad range of modern and popular fiction, but some children continue to have additional access to our fantastic fiction books where it all began.