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ICT Safety Assemblies

Each half term the children have a special assembly that is focused on ICT Safety led by the ICT lead.


See the links below for more information about these assemblies and our ICT Safety Pages and useful links.



This week in school, 6th February 2024, we have celebrated internet safety day.


On Wednesday the children had a whole school assembly where we explored how the internet has changed the way in which we communicate over time. We discussed the importance of sharing concerns with responsible adults when using technology especially when it is always evolving. We considered what communication in the future might look like as technology advances but we agreed that our online behviours shouldn't differ to way we behave in reality. 


For more information about internet safety day, please follow the link below:


On Wednesday 20th December 2023, we hosted our half termly online safety assembly with all the children.


During the assembly, Mr McKay shared the story 'Hanni and the magic window'. We explored the themes from the text and discussed the importance of sharing negative online experiences with adults. We acknowledged that screen time will increase over the Christmas holidays and children might receive additional technology as gifts. We shared ways to ensure that they remain safe over the festive period. Below is a link to the text should you wish to discuss it further with your child.

ICT safety Assembly December 2023

Miss Ashley’s Assemblies revolve around sharing a story book, discussing the themes, issues and useful strategies. There are opportunities for personal and collective reflection with a follow up task or challenge.


Miss Ashley recently shared the story- 'Troll Stinks' which has a focus on internet safety as a part of one of her Assemblies.


On Wednesday, our half termly online safety assembly concentrated on the idea of what we need to do when we're faced with a difficult decision online. We shared the story 'Digiduck's BIG decision' and explored its themes in more detail. Often we find ourselves in situations online where we have big decisions to make. Often we get stuck between doing what is right and doing something that might make us feel popular.


We explored the importance of making decisions that reflect our behaviour in a non- virtual world. As we lead into half term and screen time might increase, it is important to remember how we can be a good digital citizen and to respect each other online. 

See the PDF PowerPoint Resource for more information below:

On Wednesday 14th July, we had our half termly whole school online safety assembly. With the children heading to the summer break, it's essential that they are aware of the risks that they face when spending longer periods of time online or using technology.


We shared the story 'Oscar's Adventures in the Online World'. In the text, Oscar is faced with decisions that he has to make when exploring the online world. Children gave Oscar the good advice that he needed in key areas such as: gaming, posting online, in game purchases, responding to friend requests, sharing personal information and cyber bullying.


We shared our thoughts after the story and we discussed the importance of making 'good decisions' online. A range of advice and support is available on our school website for you to refer to over the summer break.

See the PDF PowerPoint Resource for more information below:

On Wednesday May 26th, our online safety assembly theme continued around being a good friend. We looked in detail at one of our 3 C's which was conduct. We explored reasons why it's so important to ensure our conduct online reflects how we behave in the 'real' world.


We shared the text 'Troll Stinks' once again with a different emphasis. We thought carefully about how our actions online can hurt other people. We carefully considered ways in which we could improve our online behaviour to make sure that were always being a positive digital citizen. 


See the PDF Power Point Resource for more information below.

On Wednesday 21st April we had our half termly online safety assembly that linked to our work on positive friendships. We explored the idea of making' true friends' and if this was possible online.


We shared the story ' Chicken Clicking' which shared risks and dangers that trying to make friends online can have. We shared that when we're online we expose ourselves to risks from contact, content and conduct (the 3 C's).


The children were given advice about how to limit these risks through applying some online safety tools. 


See the PDF Power Point Resource for more information below.

We had a special Internet Safety Assembly on 4th November linked to content and digital foot printing hosted via zoom by our ICT Lead.



We looked at which social media icons the children were familiar with and read the story #Goldilocks.


We then discussed issues raised and shared good principles for safe sharing and positive digital foot prints.