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We have had lots of fun exploring and experiencing the snow in Nursery today. We made footprints in the snow, and used sticks and other artefacts to make marks and create drawings.  We also built snowmen, created snow angels and sledged down the bank in the forest area.  We had a wonderful time.

This is what some of the children said about our snow day:

'I love the snow!' Toby

'It's cold.' Connie

'I've drawn a picture of me.'  Ryder

'I went fast!' Jayden

'It's a snowman.' Megan

We have been exploring lots of autumn resources this week, talking about similarities, differences and the odd one out.

Our Nursery children have been looking after the plants in our outdoor area and the secret garden.  We have been making sure that they have plenty of water in this hot weather.  Our sunflowers, beans and tomato plants are growing really well, and the flowers are looking beautiful.  Thank you for all your contributions to our Summer garden challenge.

At New Ford we pride ourselves in giving children the best possible opportunities and hands on experiences. This is why we promote outdoor learning widely across the whole school.


Please see our EYFS gallery below, to see some of our fabulous outdoor learning.

The children enjoyed looking at the cherry blossom tree and how it has changed since before Easter holidays.

" it's got leaves now"

"The blossom has gone on the floor"


The children also experimented with the umbrellas in the sunshine.

" it's made a shadow"

" it stops the sun from burning us"

Our Nursery children enjoyed a walk around our school grounds this week in the warm sunshine, looking for signs of Spring, and observing the changing seasons.  We saw buds on trees and bushes, leaves that were starting to open, and lots of beautiful Spring flowers in bloom, such as daffodils, crocuses, primroses and hyacinths.  We noticed that the sun created shadows and we had fun making them move!


In Nursery we have enjoyed going on a Winter walk in our school grounds to observe seasonal change.  We discovered that the ground was hard and crunchy because of the frost and that the water had frozen on the surface of the pond, trapping leaves inside it. Even though the sun was shining, it was very cold and many of the trees were still bare.



Understanding of the World.

We have loved exploring the ice and snow outside today.

We have been talking about how it appears and what will happen when we touch it.

Autumn 2


The Nursery children enjoyed an Autumnal walk around our school grounds, looking for signs of seasonal change.  We saw leaves that had changed colour and were falling from the trees.  They were beautiful shades of yellow, orange, red and brown.  We also discovered pumpkins growing in the allotment, and berries growing on some of the trees. 

Autumn 1

The children have had a lovely time exploring the outdoor environment.


Summer 2021


Look at what we have found growing in our garden....Strawberries!

We are very lucky in Reception; we have planted lots of different fruits and vegetables and some of them are now ready to eat!

Summer 2021


Whilst we have been learning about 'Holidays' our Nursery children have had great fun outdoors, using their imagination and problem-solving skills to build camps and dens, make vegetable stew, and cook on the camp fire.


They have also been producing large scale art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy who uses natural objects such as wood and pebbles to produce his artwork.

Spring 2021

Our Nursery children have been enjoying lots of activities in our outdoor learning area to develop gross motor skills - water painting, writing and mark making with paintbrushes on the walls, brushing with bubbles, travelling and balancing, fishing, and enjoying planting in our potting shed.

Week Beginning 29th March 2021

Reception have had a fabulous week in the warmer weather exploring our school grounds.

We have been on a walk to see what we could spot as we now enter the Spring season.

We found lots of insects, buds on trees and flowers that have started to grow.