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Science Club

Science Club is for children in Year 3 and Year 4.

In science club, we have made catapults and we tested to see whose catapult could shoot the cotton ball the furthest.  We completed an experiment where we tested whether our sense of smell effects the taste of food so we had different flavoured crisps and the children are not told the flavour but are asked to hold their noses and guess what the flavour is. We have made oobleck and we looked at how it changes from a liquid to a solid using pressure. We have completed the skittle experiment where we create a pattern using skittles on a plate and then we pour water into the centre and the colours begin to dissolve into the water. We have created balloon rockets and the children carried out races. For this experiment the children attach a blown up balloon to a straw and then they race these down a piece of string. We have used the electricity kits to create circuits. We had a space day where we looked at a video comparing the sizes of different planets and then the children used the iPad to explore our galaxy. The children looked at nebulas, stars and learnt about different planets. We have made parachutes for boiled eggs and we tested to see whose boiled egg would survive the fall.  During every science club session, we look at a scientist of the week and I have a power point of this which includes videos.


This science based club full of lots of weird and wonderful experiments!