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Wow Learning and Field Work

At New Ford we plan Wow Days and fieldwork opportunities for each year group. Wow days help to enrich our children's learning experiences and bring Geography to life, providing all children with quality first hand experiences.


Wow days also provide opportunities within our topic to stimulate high quality writing that apply Literacy Skills in a cross curricular context. Geography fieldwork is carefully planned for to ensure all pupils are able to practise and apply their map and fieldwork skills in a practical context.

October 2022 - The year 6 children demonstrated their understanding of our recent learning and past learning from our Geography lessons. Working in teams, children had to retrieve the clues to answer geography questions linked to the lines of latitude, longitude, the Equator, the Tropics, the Prime Meridian and also use their atlas skills to locate counties of the world. Each team had 25 clues to find and answer as quick as they could! Look at the photos below to see learning in action! 

Here are pictures of our Reception classes enjoying a Forest Schools Day.